smsSYNAPSE SMS is web bulk messaging application deployed by our team of developers to makes it easy for our clients to connect, interact and transact business with their customers on their mobile phones, no matter where they’re located.

The web platform enables our clients to access their online sms account from any internet enabled / connected device or Web browser, Create, manage and send messages to predetermined distribution groups or individuals.

Our team of researchers and developers provided this messaging solution as we believe our clients want to grow their business, and to do so, they to reach and engage with their customers.

Our sms gateway delivers across borders and connects to over all mobile network operators world-wide.


  • FAST AND SECURE DELIVERY: Our messaging application gateway is hosted with the latest SSL technologies and backed by high speed servers which delivers messages tunneled through our platform securely and fast to their various destinations.
  • CUSTOM SENDER ID’s: Our platform offers to the opportunity for clients to send messages to their customers using their business name, product name, brand, mobile number or any custom name of their choice.
  • CHEAPEST & AFFORDABLE PRICING: We offer you the cheapest SMS rates you’ll find anywhere. Even better, we’ll lower our prices for bigger purchases.